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How to line a round cake tin

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

An essential skill for any baker! Sometimes I used to get impatient when I was baking and not bother to line my tins properly, and then I’d be surprised when I couldn’t turn my cakes out nice and neatly after spending all that time baking them... So now I always take a few minutes to do these five quick steps to avoid the frustration later on.

1. Lightly grease the bottom and sides of the tin with soft butter / margarine (or spray grease if you have it). This is just to help the paper stick to the tin so it doesn’t need to be perfect

2. Cut a strip of baking paper slightly longer than the circumference of the tin, and two centimetres deeper than the tin. Fold the bottom 1cm of the strip and snip along the length at a slight angle

3. Stick the strip around the edge of the tin, with the snipped part on the base of the tin

4. Cut a circle of baking paper slightly smaller than the tin, using the tin as a template

5. Place the circle into the tin, fitting over the top of the snipped paper

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